The Widow of Nain

by Pastor Edwin Lehmann on July 9, 2019 in

A Brief Bible Study on God’s Word for Today
In our first and third lessons, God shows joy in welcoming sinners of all nations to him. In the second lesson, we begin a series of readings from Paul’s letter to the saints in Galatia (an area today we would call central Turkey).

The Old Testament Lesson (1 Kings 8:22,23, 41-43)
1. When Solomon prayed at the temple’s dedication, with what two names did he address God (vv. 22,23)
2. Could the God of Israel accept foreigners in those days (vv. 41-43)?
3. What would God do for non-Jews (v. 43)?

Synod Convention The synod will meet for its 65th Biennial Convention, July 29-August 1. Brian Dickey from Peace will serve as our area delegate. Over the next few weeks we will communicate some of the important agenda points to you. Under the Conference of Presidents (COP): 1. For over a decade the Congregation Mission Offerings have not kept pace with inflation and decreased in 2018.For now serious reductions in ministry & missions were avoided, but congregations need to evaluate their mission offerings; 2. Vacancies in pastor and teacher positions have increased with smaller numbers of students going into the ministry. Synod-wide pastoral vacancy rate in the parish is at 8%; 3. Committees have been appointed to evaluate 3 modern English Bible translations: Christian Standard Bible, Evangelical Heritage Version, and New International Version; 4. Committee appointed to review and improve doctrinal statements on the Biblical roles of men and women to be completed by 2021 convention; 5. Committee appointed to draft statement articulating Biblical truths on human sexuality and gender. We are the “synod.” It is not “they” nor is it a “corporation.” It is to us and each member of our congregations that the Lord says “Be faithful. Go! Teach all nations. Preach the Gospel. Baptize. Work in My Kingdom.”

Pastor Edwin Lehmann

Preacher: Pastor Edwin Lehmann